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And, in the tradition of stupid shit for charity, I will indeed do stupid shit for charity.

Most of you know that my tag line is "Not cute. Fierce!" Well, I've decided that you guys can make me reverse it for an evening. Should my fund-raising total for Avon hit 5,000 dollars by April 1, I'll be cute for an event, yes that means I'll do it in at least semi-public, pink, ruffles, pigtails and all. Yes, the event is still to be decided.

No, I haven't decided on pictures, but if I allow them I'm likely to say if you donate fifty bucks or more, and want one you'll get a picture of me looking cute. So, here is your challenge, anyone who has never bought my not cute shtick. Get me to five thousand and I'll admit to being cute (at least for an event).

Seriously however, it is a damn good cause. The link is here . That will take you to my personal donation page. If you would rather donate by check, let me know and I will send you a form.

Feel free to link. This is one of my real public posts.

EDIT: Team Wench PF funds cannot be the majority. That means, if TW PF donates $2501, the total will be 5001 etc. I'm willing to let TW fund count for a significant percentage but not more than half. I don't expect this to be an issue, but it is possible.

Also, as far as what I wear, I'm willing to leave that up to you guys. If it's going to happen, I'll ask for suggestions and then do a polling among the folks who donated fifty dollars or more. Yes, I'm retaining veto power.

Also, I've not yet decided if I'm willing to let this be photographed, as I said above. We shall see how adventurous I feel.
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